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We’ve all been there...


Your best friend calls excitedly and tells you all about the resort she just saw online. It’s filled with adventurous activities, great food and drinks, stylish people, and an amazing beach with turquoise water that lightly laps at your feet as you relax in the healing rays of the sun. She wants to get all your girls together for a vacation of a lifetime where you can cut loose and make memories you can pass down for generations to come (or not, depending on the level of debauchery). Her excitement and detail has you imagining yourself marching to your boss' office, slamming the door behind you, and demanding - err...requesting? - leave immediately, but before you end your call you hear her say through a reluctant smile the words that snap you back to reality. “Can you plan it?”

That’s where we come in to help. Girls Vacation Club was designed to give you and your girls the vacation experience you desire without the hassle of planning. Because, let’s be honest, who wants to track down 6 busy women, coordinate with the resort, plan activities, and stay on top of payment due dates? Not to mention the added stress and responsibility of being in charge when you’re supposed to be relaxing.

Girls Vacation Club provides pre-planned girls trips on land and at sea, both domestic and internationally. Your girls trip will have all of the fun, with none of the hassle, since Girls Vacation Club handles the payments, group activities, and destination searching for you. So don’t worry when you hear those four dreaded words, we’ve got you covered!

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