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Thank you for your interest in Girls Vacation Club (GVC) planning your custom Girls Trip! We are happy to assist you in all your planning needs. Not only do we work closely with you to plan the details of your trip, we also offer payment plans, group excursions, and dedicated GVC staff when needed.


Take a look at some of our additional information before filling out the application.

Travel Insurance
We strongly suggest each traveler purchase travel protection for their girls trip, and we will happily include it in the pricing. Please keep in mind that travelers must sign a waiver if they don't wish to include insurance.
Payment Plans
Payment plans will be included for all trips and must be adhered to. All travelers must make payments by the date they are due or be subject to cancellation. Each trip has a non-refundable portion, discussed between you and Girls Vacation Club prior to advertising to your travelers. If a traveler prefers not to enter into a payment plan they will be required to pay in full at the time of booking.
Staffing Needs
Sometimes your girls trip is a little too large for you to handle on your own and the GVC team will be there to help. Usually, this is only needed when there are over 30 attendees, or with complicated itineraries, but we offer the service if desired. Please keep in mind that staff costs are absorbed in the per person cost to attendees or can be paid by the group organizer.
Next Steps

Within 48 business hours you should receive an email from our team to schedule a consultation call with us. On this call we will get more information about your girls trip, activities you'd like to do, and the process moving forward. After the call, our team will send an invoice to secure your deposit for your custom girls trip. This deposit is $200. The deposit will be credited 100% to your girls trip upon booking as long as you are booked within 45 days of receiving your proposal. Once your deposit is secured, we will put together some options from our conversation. These options will be sent to you via email for your approval, and a phone call can be arranged to discuss options or further customization. 


Once finalized, we will create a document/website to be shared with your girls. It will include information on your girls trip dates, destination, payment plans, travel insurance, and instructions on how to book. Please keep in mind that all travelers must be booked with the group to be included in group activities and cannot make their own reservations outside of Girls Vacation Club.


If at any time you have questions regarding the process, please feel free to contact us via email ( or phone (202-709-9301).


We look forward to working with you and creating your dream girls trip!

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