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  • Is there a minimum age to travel?
    Yes, all travelers must be 21 years old as of the date of departure.
  • Are there any forms to complete prior to travel?
    Yes, you will need to complete an emergency contact form and travel release form prior to travel. These forms will be sent to you via email around the time of final payment. If you would like a copy before then please feel free to email us at
  • Do GVC trips include travel insurance?
    Our trips do not include travel insurance in their base pricing. Please consider purchasing travel insurance through us or through a third party.
  • Should I get travel insurance?
    Travel insurance is a personal choice, but we think it's a good idea. You never know what my happen that could prevent you from traveling, so adding it can't hurt. We have travel insurance options available, but our trips do not include travel insurance in their base pricing.
  • Are all events planned on trips?
    Although we do plan a number of activities for you, we don't plan all your activities. We understand that first and foremost you came on your GVC trip to spend time with your friends. For that reason, we give you a lot of free time to plan your own activities with your girls. Whether it's bar hopping, a beach day, or a once in a lifetime excursion, you will have just the right amount of time together.
  • When will new trips be online?
    Our team is constantly working on new trips and will advertise our newest trips on our website, facebook, and through our mailing list. The best way to find out about our newest launches is to join our mailing list. We will usually have at least two trips advertised at a time, and after our January 2018 launch you can expect an announcement about our fall 2019 trip by late spring/early summer 2018 (but trust us, it's a good one!). Have the ideal location for our next trip? Email us your ideas at
  • What's included in the price?
    Your price includes your accommodations, all taxes and fees, and private events with Girls Vacation Club. While airfare is never included, soda and alcoholic beverages are not included on cruises or US based trips, but will be included at all-inclusive resorts. You will also receive surprises on each vacation. Ladies traveling on the Girls Vacation Club Inagural Cruise will also receive a special surprise after cruising.
  • Are there a limited number of rooms at each price point?
    Yes! There are only a few rooms available for each price point, and once they sell out the pricing is subject to increase. If you see a room you want, grab it while you can, we can't guarantee it will be there tomorrow.
  • How do I make my deposit?
    You can make your deposit by clicking on the BOOK NOW tab on our website. You will be given a number of options for your stateroom type. Pick the option that's right for you and your crew, pay your deposit, and you're all set! One of our staffers will contact you soon after.
  • I made my deposit, now what?"
    Get excited, you're going on a girls trip! Oh, but before you leave, we will contact you to follow up on your room selection and make sure we have all the information you will need. If you have requested a payment plan we will get that set up, or if you want to pay up front, or on set due dates, we will set that up for you too. Now you can get excited!
  • How do I set up a payment plan?
    Glad you asked! All you need to do is fill out the credit card authorization form on the FORMS page and sent it to for processing. We will contact you if we have any questions or need additional information. Payment plans can be set up to come out on the 1st or the 15th of each month until the final payment date.
  • What happens if I need to cancel?
    We will be very sad, but we understand things come up. If you need to cancel, please fill out the cancellation form on our website and email it to Each room has a non-refundable amount, but any other monies you have paid will be refunded. But keep in mind that once your final payment is due/made you will be subject to cancellation fees. If you prefer to transfer your deposit to a future trip you will be issued a future trip credit in the amount of your non-refundable amount to be used on a trip announced within a year of being issued. Please keep in mind there is no monetary value for a future trip credit and no refunds will be issued if you need to cancel a trip where you used a future trip credit as the deposit.
  • What is the cancelation policy?
    The cancelatiion policy is different for every trip and will be featured on the Girls Trips section of the website, as well as your confirmation email after your deposit is paid. We, of course, hope you don't need to cancel, but we know things happen.
  • What happens if I miss the final payment date?
    If you don't make your final payment by the final payment date your reservation is subject to cancellation and to the payment terms set out for each trip. A GVC representative will contact you prior to cancellation, but cannot confirm that you will not be subject to the penalties set forth by cruise lines, hotels, air carriers, or resort partners. For more information on due dates please see the event page.
  • Do I need a passport to travel?
    Each trip has different requirements. While most US citizens don't need a passport for closed look cruises (cruises that start and end at the same port), you will need an original birth certificate and your photo ID. To travel outside of the US by air, you will need a passport. We suggest confirming passport and visa requirements for US citizens with the Department of State Non US citizens, or residents, will need a passport to travel on most GVC trips.
  • Will the Girls Vacation Club events be private?
    Yes, all GVC events will be private, and only for those who have booked with us. There are some events that are open to others, but these events will be clearly marked on your final itinerary. So don't fret, you will have a chance to invite new friends to hang out with us.
  • What if I get sea sick?
    While cruise ships have made improvements to prevent sea sickness, it can still happen. If you are prone to sea sickness, please select rooms with a window or near the middle of the ship. If you are unsure of which room you should book please feel free to email us and we would be happy to help!
  • How much money should I bring with me?
    That's really up to you and depends on the trip. As your trip gets closer we will include information on what you may need cash for, but in general, cash should be brought for tips (small bills) and taxis.
  • Do we have to socialize with the other groups of friends traveling?
    You don't have to do anything you don't want to do (that's what girls trips are about, right?). While there will be other groups of friends traveling with you, and activities are planed for everyone, you can attend as little or as much as you'd like. But we do encourage socializing whenever comfortable.
  • What events does GVC plan for travelers?
    While each trip is unique, you can be sure that each trip will include our signature Red Party where you get your best red outfit and meet us to party until the wee hours. As far as other events, you will receive a finalized itinerary as the trip gets closer so you can plan all your trip details...or just go with the flow. Either way, we support you.
  • Does GVC staff travel with us?
    Of course! We are here to ensure you have a great time, so we always have staff traveling with you. Before you leave you will receive an information packet with your itinerary, events, staff names and photos, and more information you will need prior to traveling. Can't wait till you leave, take a look at our staff page to learn a bit more about us!
  • Can you match me up with a roommate?
    Unfortunately, we don't currently match up roommates. Stay posted, we may offer this service at a later date.
  • What do I do if my roommate cancels?
    We hope this issue never comes up, but if it does, your roommate will indicate on their cancellation form if you plan to continue payment on the full room, or if you plan to cancel. After we receive the form a GVC representative will contact you to inform you of the cancellation, but we will also help talk you through your options. Most trips offer the following options: 1. Paying for the whole room to yourself 2. Cancelling your room (depending on final due dates) 3. Adding a new roommate Since all trips have different restrictions, we can't give a difinitive answer, but we will work to make the process as seamless as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

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