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Travelers Code of Conduct

Girls Vacation Club is dedicated to respecting and understanding the cultural values and beliefs of the local communities we explore. Therefore, we ask all of our travelers to read and abide by our Travelers Code of Conduct while traveling on our girls trips.


Girls Vacation Club is committed to providing enriching and fun travel experiences, and we pride ourselves on highlighting the culture, environment, and society of the countries we visit and the paths we cross while traveling. This is the epitome of responsible travel, and we ask that our travelers remain responsible travelers and depart each destination with more of an understanding of the culture, society, and environment than when they arrived. When able, we hope they leave each destination in a better condition through voluntourism when desired and  available. We have outlined some of the ways to remain a responsible traveler, and ensure sustainability on all our girls trips.


1. Before leaving for your trip, be aware of the local culture and the traditions each country follows. We try our best to send information about where we’re visiting, but additional personal research is always beneficial. Spend some time researching the unique cultural norms that are prevalent in the region/country where you are headed. During your trip, please remember that your trip would not be as special had these cultural differences not existed.


2. Try to learn a few commonly used words and key phrases in the local language so you can communicate easily with the locals. While translation apps are helpful, and we recommend them, they aren’t always available as you place your order at a food cart or catch an uber.


3. Try to support local non-chain businesses while in each country. Try eating traditional food, purchase local brands, use the public transport, or just stroll along the roads. All this will help you in meeting the locals who can provide you with lots of fun and useful information about their country. Try to shop with local vendors and artisans. There are many items you can purchase once you arrive home, try to support local small businesses while traveling. Don’t worry, Louis Vuitton is a local in France, so stock up!


4. As tempting as it may be to take a picture with a sedated tiger, we suggest thinking twice before doing so. Many countries that have exotic animals also have ways for you to see these animals in a humane manner. We do not promote businesses who promote animal cruelty, and we ask that you do the same by visiting humane businesses if you would like to add that experience to your girls trip.


5. Remember to abide by local environmental guidelines. If you are traveling to a drought stricken nation please make sure to conserve water, or if you are traveling to a beach with coral reefs and marine life please wear biodegradable sunscreen to not disrupt the local ecosystem.


6. When visiting national parks and ruins please stay on predetermined paths. These sites have been around much longer than we have, and we would like them to stay there for years, and travelers, to come.


7. Please keep local dress codes in mind when traveling. If swimwear or bare shoulders are unacceptable for women in a certain country please be sure to pack appropriate clothing. Cultural experiences are just that, a chance to experience the local culture and all that entails.


8. Every country, or region, has different customs with bartering, tipping, or other social norms. While we will do our best to inform you of these norms prior to travel, be sure to research what the financial/social norms are prior to traveling.


9. Respect your surroundings as much as possible. Avoid picking flowers or littering. Try to recycle anything that can be reused so that the environment remains clean, unpolluted and healthy. Take care of the environment like you take care of your own residence; we would like to visit these locations again.


10. Have fun! Nothing is more respectful than showing locals you are enjoying their culture and country than truly having a great time. Enjoy local music, try local foods, and welcome advice from locals on places to travel while in town. You may not feel comfortable doing so later, but they will never know.


11. Party responsibly. We want you to have a great time, but we also want to ensure that all our travelers are having a great time as well. Over indulgence in alcohol, or disruptive behavior of any kind, can put a damper on the experience of everyone else who travels with you. This can also be an issue if you’re in a country with strict laws or Have fun, but please be mindful of those around you.


12. Stay aware of your surroundings and remain vigilant while traveling. No matter where you travel it is important to know where you are traveling and how to get around. It is also a good idea to plan ahead to have cell service while traveling in case of an emergency. You can check with your cell provider or purchase a phone/plan that will work internationally.


Blatant disregard for the cultures, countries, or people you come across on our girls trips could result in Girls Vacation Club refusing to confirm future trips for those who violate responsible travel practices and our code of conduct.

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