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Planning your girls trip is easy as...


Once you've tailored your choices, we'll craft your bespoke website and start booking travelers for your custom girls trip. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey crafted just for you and your friends!


Pack your bags and let the anticipation soar! We’re right beside you every step of the journey, dedicated to making your adventure seamless and unforgettable. From the first excited planning stages to the moment you return home with a heart full of memories, we're here to ensure every detail is perfect.



Carry on

Smooth Sailing

First Class

All Inclusive

Per Person

Per Person

Per Person

Per Person

Simply complete our straightforward request form to share your preferences with us. We’ll get in touch to discuss a variety of exciting options tailored to your desires. Once you’re ready to proceed, we’ll send an invoice for a $200 deposit to kickstart the planning process. This deposit is fully credited towards your girls trip once booked. Planning for your unforgettable adventure begins as soon as your deposit is received.

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